Dear mommy,

You made me with my dad. When you knew that you’re pregnant, I thought you will be happy but I’m wrong. Instead, you punch your womb and got angry. One day, you came to your doctor and inject something in your body. It feels hot in my skin, it hurts mom, it hurts so much.

The day that came I went out from your womb. I feel your happiness mom. I felt the death but it’s ok, as long as it made you smile.

-your Child

Share this To all female friends, we must APPRECIATE LIFE.

Share this To all male friends, must KNOW HOW TO BE A MAN.
Note: The above text was the Message forwarded from my friend.

“Love is not about sex.”

Think first what will be the fruit of what you are trying to do. Understand what is life. We must understand how we live and how does life important that God gave. Yeah life is important so if you will make life just make sure that you can give better to live that life.

True love is not shown by sex. Sex,  to make relationship strong? Come on, it just not love. When you are truly in love you should know how to be a patient. Wait ’til the time comes. Give respect to the one you love. It’s nice to be in love when you know how to wait, Not on how to make fun.

Continue the Journey


Always continue the journey of being a channel of inspiration to every person you meet on the road.

Life is never a coincidence. It’s the fruit of the seed of what you plant and remember there are only two days in our lives that we can do nothing about.

One is Yesterday which is gone, while the other is tomorrow which is uncertain and might not come at all.

We can only live in Today so, work, relax, love, pray and above all enjoy! 🙂

Rough Way


Road of Life

If the road of my life went in the rough way and full of obstacles. I just trust the DRIVER of my life because I remember that Jesus takes the wheel.

Just Believe that when the best things are going wrong, God will always be there to make you Strong.

If I get tired of everything in LIFE, I’ve learned to REST, NOT to Quit.

Trusting God in everything is the softest pillow on which to rest and the hardest rock to stand on.

The Lord will fight for you, all you have to do is keep still.

Exodus 14:14

Sunshine of Love Rays


The greatest thing I can always be thankful for, is knowing that God never forgets to extend my life eveveryday.

Understand how beautiful god has added one more in my Life. God gave me another day!

“To see the beautiful nature.”

“To receive God’s sunshine of Love rays of delight, and Endless blessings.” 🙂

Everyday is a blessing. Everyday awakening is enough gift from God. Gifts don’t come on special days, they come day by day. Just open our eyes and we will see how God love us, not by material things but from the goodness of the people around us.

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The Past is like using the rear view mirror of a car. It’s good to glance back and know what’s behind. But staring TOO LONG ends up missing what’s in front of you.

It’s BETTER to END something, and START another than to IMPRISON yourself in HOPING for NOTHING and IMPOSSIBLE. Don’t be afraid because there’s always someone to COME.

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Love Love

Love also means we give to people unconditionally, with no strings attached. We don’t think they owe as anything when we give to them; we simply give because we walk in love. Walking in love means we begin to have a heart like God – generous, king, merciful, forgiving, compassionate , always believing the best, always encouraging, always helping, never giving up